vineri, 3 aprilie 2009


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"... that Lawrence 'Chubby' Woodman is credited with inventing deep fried clams in 1916 at his clam shack that became Woodman's of Essex (sign pictured)?

... that many of the remaining willows of the Willow Palisade were cut by the Russian and Japanese troops during the Russo-Japanese War?

... that downloads from the Microsoft Update Catalog are accelerated with Microsoft's Background Intelligent Transfer Service, a technology that attempts to use as little bandwidth as possible?

... that in the Brazilian kidnapping of Abílio dos Santos Diniz the kidnappers were of various nationalities, including two Canadian university students?

... that the Washington & Jefferson College football team played the heavily favored California Golden Bears to a 0–0 tie in the 1922 Rose Bowl?

... that Thored, ealdorman of southern Northumbria, disappears from the historical records after being charged with leading a fleet against marauding Vikings?

... that the first classes of Illinois Valley Community College were held in LaSalle-Peru High School?

... that Nils Yngvar Ustvedt, physician and member of the Norwegian Parliament, advised his son Hans Jacob Ustvedt against becoming a politician?"

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