miercuri, 1 aprilie 2009

Noi indeletniciri pe pamant american...to buy or not to buy??

Defect dilemma: To buy or not to buy?

"Most savvy homebuyers hire professional home inspectors to give the property they're about to purchase a thorough inspection. Those same buyers know how important it is to be present for the inspection.

(Frequently the best information given by home inspectors is when they are chatting about their findings while walking around the home. Some of that chatter is far better than the written reports that inspectors ultimately deliver to their buyers. You will want to read the written report carefully, but you should keep in mind what the inspector said during the inspection.)

Homebuyers hire professional home inspectors because they want to know what's wrong with the house they're about to buy -- but sometimes they're surprised when the inspector actually finds something seriously wrong with the property.

Whether it is an asbestos-clad pipe, unacceptable levels of radon in the basement, a serious crack in the foundation, water infiltration or mold spores, or even a pest infestation, there are small and large problems that can be found in a professional home inspection.

Sometimes, a home inspector won't find anything concrete, but will just have a hunch that a problem may exist or be more extensive than it appears, and may recommend an additional inspection.

If you receive a recommendation to get an additional inspection, you might want to ask why the inspector can't determine the extent of the problem and what the risks are if you don't get another inspection. If you don't ask, you won't know that the inspector may suspect a serious problem with the septic system and that problem could cost you $50,000. With that kind of financial risk, you should definitely get a separate septic system inspection.

Once the problem is found, you have to ask yourself two questions: Is the problem fixable or unfixable? If it's fixable, how much will it cost? Will not fixing it cause any other problems down the line?"


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